Perspective expand "card" if components displayed


I’m playing with Perspective and I have a “card” based on a row flex container with some components in there that may or may not be displayed. For example below, the flow fault can show and hide (using display property), but at the moment the card doesn’t shrink up if it’s not displayed. How can I do this?

What it does now if fault not displayed:

What I want it to do if not displayed:

You could create a param that counts the number of items that aren’t displayed, and adjust your height based on that. That requires your components being a fixed height though. An auto size feature would be handy.

What container is the ‘flow card’ itself in? If it’s a flex container, what it’s basis set to?

Set the basis for the “card” to be “auto”.

Could this also be an option for components in column containers? It’d be nice to just use auto rather than set up expressions to change the size.

You should use a Flex container into a Column Container, and then let the Flex Container manage the size from that point.

Thanks, I set to auto basis which now expands and contracts the card, but now i get scrollbars when the alarm is shown:

Edit: Originally the fault label had a basis of 27px. When I changed that to auto, the scrollbars went away. Now I’m curious why?