Perspective flex container component order

I am building a simple embedded view which will have a process variable readout, and a label. I would like to pass in a parameter which specifies whether the label appears above or below the process variable.

The embedded view is a flex container, so in the designer, I can simply drag the label above or below the process variable - but is there a way to adjust this dynamically at runtime? Obviously I could create labels above and below and bind the “display” parameter to ensure only the correct one shows up - but that’s the sort of trick that I’ve gotten used to not needing in Ignition, so I thought perhaps there’s another way.

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You could always bind the display order against some variable:
Bind root.props.direction against some property.

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You can add the order property within style on each component. Do a little routine to change them at runtime.

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Thanks to you both - a simple solution for this particular application by @cmallonee and a more complex, general purpose solution for all applications by @gdube. This forum is fantastic :+1: