Perspective Flex Repeater auto-fit contents - how?

Ignition 8.1.1.

I’m using the Flex Repeater to generate multiple instances of my dropdown view (a caption and a dropdown). How do I get it to autosize to “just” fit the contents. In my case I want the height to adjust and the table to be up against the Flex Repeater (with, of course, a little padding for elegance).

Figure 1. The problem gap with “wide” browser.

Figure 2. The problem scrollbar with “narrow” browser.

Is what I want possible? I’ve had a look at Flexbox Q&A on Stack Exchange and can find references to flex-basis: auto but don’t know how to add a CSS override into Perspective.

Any ideas? It seems like a fairly basic functional requirement.

Is your flex repeater within a flex container? If so, is the flex repeater’s position.basis set to auto?
Try also setting the default height prop to true (can’t remember exact name) in the flex repeater


For anyone else …

  1. Deep select the flex repeater.
  2. grow : 0. (Under POSITION not PROPS.)
  3. shrink : 0.
  4. basis : auto


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