Perspective flex repeater, cannot handle dictionary input within the instance parameters

I think this is a bug, this is how my instances looks in the flex repeater:

The resulting view picks up the other parameters (“Type/Description”) but not anything under “Navigation”

Here is the targeted view:

And here is the live client view:

You need to bind each item on the template to the particular parameter that’s being passed in.

Sorry, original post was erroneous.

On the template view select each component and bind the text to the view’s params.

Thank you,
but they are bound on the template (card-view) as you can see below:

The problem is between the flex repeater instance struct and the input parameters of the template. The information is just not coming. To be more clear see the picture below:

Sorry for the text content on the screenshot not beeing updated. The screenshots are from different tests…

You haven’t actually demonstrated the binding in your post above. I’ve tried it and it’s working fine on 8.1.13.

Sorry about that.
What you are showing me works for me too. But are you able to receive your current structure from the flex repeater? This is where it stops working for me…

Yes, the templates are displaying the flex repeater’s instances.X.Navigation values.

Are you sure you have the template bindings set correctly in the view you are repeating?

Template props binding 4

Label text binding to one of the view.PARAMS.

There was something corrupt with my template. When i did duplicate (delete old) and rename to new. It fixed it… Very strange.

Thank you for your assistance!