Perspective Flex Repeater Instances Updation

I have created Flex repeater with checkbox template. On change of checkbox, message handler is called. In the message handler received I am fetching the flex repeater instances. But Flex repeater instance updating after 0.5 sec of check box change. Please help me to solve the issue.


In the message handler I am fetching the flex repeater instances.

Usually, this is what I would do to get instant Flex Repeaters instances modification:

  1. Create view to be repeated (your checkbox template). Add a view param called index on your checkbox view. Add another view param called value. Bind the Checkbox's selected property to self.view.params.value.
  2. Create a different view with Flex Repeater in it. Set the path to the first view from step 1. Add some test instances. DON'T pass in the index parameter from the Flex Repeater, it'll get passed in automatically!!! (read docs for Flex Repeater).
  3. Create a Message Handler on the Flex Repeater, call it something like update_instance and keep the scope at page. In this message handler, you'll be listening for checkbox changes and update the correct one with a script like this:
index = payload["index"]    # index of instance to modify
value = payload["value"]    # new value (either True/False, 0/1, etc)

# update the instance with new state of checkbox
self.props.instances[index].value = value
  1. Go back to the view with the Checkbox. On the Checkbox component, add a script on the onActionPerformed event and place this there:
payload = {
    "index": self.view.params.index,
    "value": self.props.selected

system.perspective.sendMessage("update_instance", payload)

Now if you go back to your view with the Flex Repeater, focus on the Flex Repeater in the Project Browser and hit the Preview mode, you'll be able to change the checkboxes in the Flex Repeater and they'll change instantly in the instances list.

[Doing this all from memory so if something doesn't work, let me know and I'll correct it!]


It's working... Thank you so much