Perspective Flex Repeater not showing all instances

I have a flex repeater inside a tab container. Inside this flex container is a number of instances for the view to display.

However, the view doesn't show all of the instances, but rather starts in the middle with view 10 or 11 and there is a scroll bar that allows to scroll down to the very last one. But any view instances below 10 (which should show above) are not visible.

Not sure what I am missing.

Can somebody please provide some insight?

Thanks team, appreciate it!

It's hard to troubleshoot this without a bit more information.

Can you include a screenshot of the view that the flex repeater is on, showing what is currently being displayed?

What is your instances prop bound to and what is the current value? Are you passing in the correct parameters to your subview 'StationView'?

Additional to Amy, can you screenshot props.instances[9] and [10]? (either side of the instances that are not shown and shown)

Set justify to flex-start instead of center: