Perspective Flex Repeater with Check Boxes, Not loading initial state

I have a flex repeater that loads setpoints and an enable/disable checkbox for each alarm. When the page loads some of the checkboxes can’t determine their state. They show up as an empty checkbox highlighted blue. If I then refresh the page the come in with the appropriate state. Normal states are gray checkbox when non selected and blue box with white check when selected. I’ve tried different ways to drive the textbox but I get the same result each time. Any suggestions for getting this to load properly?

The box is basically display only, when a user clicks on it a pop-up asks them if they really want to enable/disable the point. Which is then commanded from the pop-up.

I have the same problem running Ignition version 8.1.2. Has there been any resolution to this problem?

I’m seeing this exact issue, too. I’d really like to know what’s causing this, but I’m at a loss. Here’s what it looks like:


I did end up getting this to work. I can’t remember exactly which part of this did it but here is how my repeater view is configured.

  • In the View I have the following PARAMS:
    • RootFolder: Path to the tags root folder
    • SetpointName: Name of the setpoint ands also the prefix to all the required tags
  • The checkboxes has only relevant custom parameter:
    • TagPath: Path to the Boolean Tag
    • The other properties are specific to what I am trying to do when I call my popup to actually change the state.
  • The Checkbox “selected” property is bound indirectly to the TagPath custom property of the checkbox, Then I use a transform to set the state, it checks for Null values and converts to Boolean.

Mine works with the steps listed I’m hoping this will help you as well.

Thanks for the reply. It sent me down the right path to fix this problem.

The fix was to simply turn on “Overlay Opt-Out” in the checkbox’s selected property.


I think what’s happening is that when the view first loads, an error overlay is briefly shown before the selected value is loaded. When this overlay disappears, it can leave the checkbox in this weird outlined state.