Perspective, flex repeater

I am trying to make a dynamic view/visual.
Example: A chemical injection group of tags. Could be a “box” with 4 analog values and a title bar “Chemical Injection 1”

Goal: Site #1 has 2 chemical injections, so 2 datatype instances of chemical injection.

  • So 2 of these boxes or views show up in a container, stacked.
    Site #2 has 4 of the Chemical Injection Datatypes.
  • So automatically now there are 4 instances of the the view stacked on each other and you can scroll through them.

Next site has maybe 10 instances ect.

I was thinking maybe the flex repeater but I am not seeing how it would work in the docs.
The whole thing has to be based on whether or not these tags exist.

The Flex Repeater will display multiple instances of the same parameterized View. As you have two parameterized Views at play here (“Sites” and ChemicalInjection"), you’ll need A Flex Repeater which uses Sites as the View and which takes two parameters: siteName and tagPaths. The Site View should itself contain a Flex Repeater, and this Flex Repeater should be bound against the tagPaths parameter. The View in use for this Flex Repeater should be “ChemicalInjection”, and the ChemicalInjection View should contain nothing more than a Display component of your choosing for these injection values.

You’ll want to modify the top-most Flex Repeater (the one which uses “Sites” as the instanced View) to not use the default height of the Views so that each instance can stretch to take up as much space as it needs, based on the variable count of injection tags being supplied to it.

Thank you, I will try and come back with my results.