Perspective - Flexcontainer - Vertical scrollbar issue

I’m on 8.1.9

I have a view builded with flexcontainers

I have an issue with the vertical scrollbar, when the view port is not enough wide to display entirely my FLOW_METERS (embded view with flexrepeater row, nowrap), the vertical scrollbar don’t appear completly over the FLOW_METERS. The issue appear when the horizontal scroll bar of the flexrepeater is visible.

heh is this on a tablet? or did you change the scrollbars layout yourself?
Howcome there is a tiny bit of scrollbar underneath the table? is that part of the embedded view?
Can you show me antoher screen (or even a recording) of when you try to drag down the scrollbar to the bottom?

On desktop with Chrome and without any scrollbar modification.

weird standard the scrollbars look different… Maybe a different version? What chrome version do you have?


huh i have no idea why it looks so different then, could you change the style for the table to overlay:scroll ?