Perspective - FlexRepeater - ScrollBar

I'm on 8.1.20

Is there a way to get if a flexrepeater has scrollbar visible when overflow auto ?

Can you explain the goal here, there might be an indirect way to get what you are looking for?

I have an header in a flexRow that I want to align with the flexRepeater rows, but when scroll bar appear the content of the repeater lose header alignment, so I want to display a table look with a repeater

Interesting. Could you accomplish this with a viewCanvas and just have the first item be the header and everything else be your rows?

It would make the instantiation of the repeated rows slightly more complex, but would simplify needing to grab the scroll bar state.

No I can't because header and rows must be responsive and each row can wrap...

But if you use the viewCanvas’ width won’t you still get that?

Don't want that header scroll with rows...., I want to keep header always visible

Ahhh, good point. Are you able to provide a screenshot so I can try and mock this up?

EDIT: I figured it out thanks to @victordcq's comments on this thread

They things were to use a view canvas, then set the position of all the rows to relative and the first one to sticky. This will freeze the top row.

Then set the zIndex of the first row to 1, and give it a background color, that way the overlap happens correctly.

Here is my example (8.3 KB)


A feature request out of this as well

Can sticky (since it works) be treated as a valid position input? It might make it more clear to users how to implement this sort of thing