Perspective - Font - Diacritics character not friendly

Dear Ignitioners,
I have a small font issue in the core perspective font.
The default font set does not include the diacritics we have in our Czech language.
Some of our characters are rendered through fallback font.
I have to change the default font each time I use the component.
It would be nice if the Perspective template could solve this issue in future versions:
It is because of CSS:
body { font-family: var(–font-NotoSans); }

At the moment I use a custom Perspective template, but I would suggest curing the root issue.

You can change the default styles my creating a new theme.css (= “correct” way) or with css injection(= “bad” but easy)
Which would allow you to change that line.

Heres the css injection way, for theme.css you will have to look it up yourself:
add this into a class style backgroundimage prop will overwrite the default (no need to add the style to anything)
(ofc choose font as you wish)

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