Perspective - Fonts in Embedded SVG Not Rendered Correctly

Using InkScape to create SVGs for a faceplate. I want to access the elements of the faceplate in Perspective (Ignition 8.1.11) to change fill color etc. When I place labels/text next to my elements in the SVG the text does not render properly when the SVG is embedded, but it does render properly when linked/saved, and also renders properly in the default system viewer and an online SVG optimizer.

I have found the by adding a fontFamily, fontStyle, and fontSize to the embedded image’s style I can control the size and font of the SVG labels, although the alignment isn’t quite right and the font size I need to enter is ~1/2 the size used in the SVG (when trying to display in designer at 1:1).

Any hints on changes to the SVG or the Ignition configuration that would get fonts to work properly? I did follow some previous threads on similar issues, but have been trying to use only generic, standard fonts to void issues with having to install extra fonts in Ignition.

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