Perspective: Forcing a property value to a particular type

How do I force a property value to a particular type and avoid the automatic type casting?

I’m getting an error setting the props.textvalue of a checkbox to the infinity symbol due to it recognising infinity as a number instead of as text…


I’ve had other instances as well where I don’t want it to convert numerals to a number type instead of a string.
In this case I can simply add a space character at the end.

If you did this with an expression binding of ”∞” it should work

Ah… well that’s more obvious than I care to admit :sweat_smile:

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Was it truly an error, or was it just a warning? Warnings can almost always be ignored. They’re more like guidelines.

It would be nice if instead of a warning and an error sharing the same “red triangle” on the props menu, for a warning to show a yellow symbol similar to in the logs. Makes us feel like we need to fix it, because we never know what “error” that works now would get “fixed” in a future patch

I couldn’t leave the entry there. Pressing enter didn’t set it, clicking out of the value entry reverted it back to the old value, so i guess it was an error?

This is separate, but I have to say it is wild that this works this way. I am very surprised the ascii character for the infinity symbol is accepted as a numeric value directly, not at all what I would have expected there. Technically correct, just not what I would have expected

it’s pretty cool, I noticed it when I was dividing by 0 the resulting value was the infinity symbol :slight_smile: