Perspective gauge increase view loading time

I try to create a simple dashboard with 10 gauge component. But as a result the loading of view increase dramatically with only 10 gauge on view.
I don’t understand why gauge component have to had so negative impact on performance.
Is there any trick for this component to make loading view faster?
I use v8.0.12.

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Heck yeah, it does. We are aware and working on it. Turn off animations and update the gauges less frequently in the meantime. Consider setting their loading to non-blocking so that it might prioritize the loading of other views, assuming they are nested in views.


I am experiencing the same slow performance.

8.1.13 perspective.

We even experience it with no TAG associated with the GAUGE.
We did a test with some hardcoded values and with 10 GAUGES on a screen
it is dramatically slower then with 1 GAUGE on a screen.

We are using the “half gauge”.
We are not using nested views, just putting the GAUGE on a screen.
Then set some hardcoded values for testing performance.
The only changes I made to the properties were:
“animate” = False. I did not notice any change.
“innerAxis” = we are not using it.
“outerAxis” = set the “ranges” to 4 different segment between 0-100.

Basically we dropped it on the screen and gave it some hardcoded values
to see performance.

Can you suggest any changes to the way I am setting up the control?


I suggest to use apex chart instead if you really like niddle gauge you can create it by SVG.
I hope IA drop xy chart and all related of amchart and use apex chart which lower the cost of perspective.

Hah! You dreamer you!

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