Perspective Gauge Titles

Please add a text box to the top and bottom of the Perspective Gauge component. I can then easily add a title to the top such as “Temp Motor 1” and at the bottom bind the actual temperature with units. It is cumbersome to put in labels and it doesn’t work well with a flex container.

Why can you not create your own view just the way you like it and use it in in the embedded view container? You can, in effect, create your own component and you can export / import into other projects.

Simple gauge widget

View JSON (basic)
	"type": "view",
	"payload": {
		"view": {
			"path": "viewFlexTemplate",
			"width": 805.0,
			"height": 446.0,
			"params": {
				"Navigation": {
					"EquipmentName": "equipName",
					"TagPath": "tagPath"
				"key": [{
					"aggregate": "Average",
					"alias": "temperature",
					"path": "[default]Machine1/Ambient temp"
				}, {
					"aggregate": "Average",
					"alias": "motorAmps",
					"path": "[default]Machine1/Compressor1 motor amps"
				"tagMotorAmps": "value",
				"tagTemperature": "value"

You would modify the view by adding parameters to it including min, max, value, title and, perhaps, a dictionary of colours. Then bind each of the component properties to those view parameters as required.