Perspective GPU requirements

I know this is not an easy question to answer, but I'm looking for opinions and recommendations on how to spec a GPU for a Perspective client. For my dev box I have a Quadro T1000 4GB and it is more than enough. But, what is the best way to determine the minimum or a GPU that "just does the job"?

My initial thoughts are to create some views with huge SVGs to stress test. Curious if anyone has any fancy tips or tricks on how to benchmark something like this as well as any recommendations on how to size.


I'm also interested.

Tried running Perspective on a Raspberry Pi CM4 based client and everything works, but each page loads uncomfortably slowly. In the 2-3s range. Might not sound like much, but the frustration builds.

I did find that once again, it's the pages with many embedded views (many flat next to each other, not deep levels) that load slower, not the SVGs. You might want to include that in your stress test

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Yes, I will have many views to test with and will include embedded views.

To me this is the easy part, just wondering how I benchmark this and then relate to the required hardware.

To revisit, I wanted to do some tests with different hardware, but what I ended up doing was turning off hardware acceleration (Chrome) and I didn't see any noticeable difference to the eye. The CPU was obviously hit harder and Chrome dev tools showed the load time was a few seconds longer, but to the naked eye the loading looked the same between hardware acceleration off or on.

Just to make sure I am not going down the wrong path, when I turn off Use hardware acceleration when available that is simulating there is no dedicated video hardware, correct? So if my tests are similar with or without hardware acceleration, stands to reason there isn't a huge requirement for GPU?