Perspective Graph Problems

I have built a dashboard with a number of XYCharts. I update the underlying dataset every 10 minutes. After a while the dashboard looks like this:

It seems when it draws new lines the old lines are not erased. When I refresh the dashboard is correct:

Is this a known problem or do I not have something set up incorrectly?

Hi @cvanremoortel, not seen this before, certainly an interesting bug if it is one.

Are you able to share any of the code, specifically the binding or script used to create the dataSources?

Nothing fancy going on with the binding…

The script just makes sure a blank list of there is a quality issue. The dataset looks like this:

During the hour the last row will change and at the top of the hour a new row will be created.

Thanks for the info @cvanremoortel. Definitely seems like a bug. Out of interest, how/where are you creating the dataset?