Perspective Hangs / Websocket issue

I have a situation where my perspective session hangs, or maybe better put; stops updating the variables/bindings on the screen.

Now this is a SFF PC running only an perspective session and it is connected to the ignition server with an ethernet cable, through the company's server rack which has firewall units and smart switches.

A refresh 'fixes' the issue temporarily. but it is reoccurring. I also don't see a pattern, it seems to happen and random intervals.

Here is the event captured in the logs:

I would really appreciate any help regarding this issue as I do not know how to fault find this one.

I would like to prevent this from happening, and if possible do some scripting to respond to this event to make the system more robust. Something like restarting the session, or refreshing the page

"An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

Something in the network between the gateway and wherever this session is running (that is not the gateway) explicitly told the gateway to close the session.

Thank you for translating that.

Would that be something I could spot using wireshark?

Wireshark on the gateway probably wouldn't tell you much more; you'll see the explicit end message on the socket - but it'll just come from <whatever remote IP> - you need to dig into what there is between the gateway and the client machine. It's not the best test in the world, but if you're able to open long-lived sessions on different hosts (e.g. the gateway machine itself, on other hosts) you might be able to pinpoint what's going on.

It might also be something you could take to your IT group - you can give them an exact timestamp and ask if any of the firewalls/switches/etc report doing anything at that time.

Thank you! I'll do just that