Perspective - have tab container remember state

If I have a view with a tab container on it, when I open the view, it appears to open on whichever tab was selected when the view was last saved in the designer. If I navigate to a different page, and then come back to the page which contains the view which contains the tab container, is there any way of having the tab container remember its state and not switch back to the “default” tab? What if I’m not navigating to a different page, but just to a different view?

This memory would obviously be lost when the session ended, but that’s no problem - it’s just if I’m wanting to quickly switch back and forth between a couple of things, it’s annoying if my tab container keeps resetting itself every time.

It’s great you feel that way, because the mechanism you’d want to use here would be a Session custom property which correlates to TabContainer.props.currentTabIndex

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Of course! Works perfectly. Thanks!

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