Perspective Historical Chart Start and End Date

Hi, I’m trying to put bind the start and end date of a chart to datetime inputs on the same window, however I am getting an error_exception informing me that it is in an invalid date format. I have tried various inputs into the start and end date. The graph will work fine if I manually enter a date of format dd/mm/yyyy however when selecting the date-only input for the date-input component, it will convert it to a date/time format again. Additionally the graph will not accept any other format. Is there a good workaround to this, and is this a bug that will be fixed in the near future?


I work in this format for Start and End:

2019-07-19 12:38:00

If I understand correctly, you are binding the start and end date from a history binding to one of the datetime inputs formatted date values like What’s nice about the chart is that it should understand the datetime input’s value property as a proper timestamp. Try binding it to datetimeinput.props.value instead. If that doesn’t work then can you explain how exactly you are binding the datetime inputs to the chart?

Hi @osolorzano and @openphantom,
Thanks for the responses. What fixed it was also changing the format section of the date-time input (not only the chart) to a purely date input, and binding to the date formatted value as well.
Thanks for the help.