Perspective HMI

I am using windows machine and made perspective HMI in that. After that I am launching that URL but it shows " view not found / no view configured for this page".

"that URL" doesn't tell use anything. Pretend we aren't inside your brain

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Watch the video.

oh sorry, but I am talking about perspective HMI , so i thought people will get it..

This is the URL I am trying to launch after creating HMI


So while launching this from the designer app, Tools > Launch perspective > Launch session .. it shows " View not found: No view configured for this page "

I hope I explained proper

You need to be very specific about what you have done.

  1. The localhost in the URL suggests that you are running Designer on the gateway PC. Is that correct?
  2. Can you post a nicely cropped screengrab of the Page Configuration dialog showing the settings for the link "/Perspective_HMI"?

Answer to the first question is "Yes" ..I am using laptop.

Well I do not understand the second question.
how to access "Page Configuration dialog" ..?
If you can tell me , then It will be helpful.

I have created the Perspective HMI and trying to launch it from "Tools > Launch perspective > Launch session" path from designer.

If you read through the doc that was linked above, you shouldn't be confused on what was requested for the screenshot.

Consider completing inductive university before you go much farther.

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I'm curious where you got this link from?

Did you read the manual link I gave and watch the video?

Page configurator

Thank you buddy.. it worked after some time with the help of professor.. thank you for replying

Still I will look up there