Perspective Home Page Extension

From what I can see, the title of the project dictates what goes in the browser URL below:

/data/perspective/client/{project title}

Is there any way to force that to be a different value short of changing the project name?



Well, the project title and the project name as distinct things. What you get in the URL is the project name. And, no, you can't change it without renaming your whole project. The project title is the "friendlier" (spaces, special characters allowed) display title for the project, which is displayed on e.g. the client launcher, session launcher, and elsewhere.


@PGriffith thanks for the quick confirmation.

We have standardization cleanup to do on our end then. Too much variation in project names then when we try to make a site loader and parameterize the URL it doesn't work when everything is named differently.

It would be convenient if we had a way to override the value in the URL with the project title. That would make naming of the project less fatal if done incorrectly.


The title allows characters that aren't legal in URLs. What you're asking for is essentially an extra project name field, which...ehh, no thanks :wink:

You could put a reverse proxy capable of rewriting requests transparently (e.g. nginx) in front of your Ignition system. Then you'd be free to write rules to rewrite an incoming request for /displayProjectName to /actualInternalProjectName.


Thanks, yeah, we will just suck it up and change the project names.