Perspective Horizontal Menu Bar


So I am trying to navigate to different project from my HorizontalMenu component, but it opens in New Tab. So the target URLs are like below:

GWAddress + /data/perspective/client/ + ProjectName1 + "/page1/show1"
GWAddress + /data/perspective/client/ + ProjectName1 + "/page1/show2"
GWAddress + /data/perspective/client/ + ProjectName1 + "/page2/show1"
GWAddress + /data/perspective/client/ + ProjectName1 + "/page2/show1"

So above navigation works fine, in the same tab and without page reload because its within same project.
Now when I try to navigate to another project, the URL would be like:

GWAddress + /data/perspective/client/ + ProjectName2 + "/page1/show1"
GWAddress + /data/perspective/client/ + ProjectName2 + "/page1/show2"

When I switch between projects, it not only reloads the page but also Opens page In the New Tab. Reloading is fine due to project switch but I do not want that to open in newTab.
To avoid opening in the newTab I did navigation with scripting using


But now this reloads every page even if its within the same project.

Please suggest how could I achieve the expected result. Thanks in advance

Ignition Version: 8.1.32

Try using page navigation instead of url navigation for the pages on the same project. This should solve the reloading issue with system.perspective.navigate.

You should probably use pages instead of urls for the horizontal menu as well though.

If I use Pages instead of URLs, it won't work when switching between projects.
Also within same project, if I use system.perspective.navigate(page=pagePath) it does update page URL but it does not show that view on page. It only does after refresh.

Is there something like I could use Menu bar as is (wo script) and not open new project in new tab? This would resolve everything

I did say "for the pages on the same project".

That's unexpected. It shouldn't do that.

Maybe, but I don't have time to dig any deeper.
It may have something to do with browser configuration, in which case you might be out of luck.