Perspective Horizontal Menu - Passing Parameters

I am trying to pass a parameter from a horizontal menu component to launch a view. I can launch the view no problem, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to pass parameters from the component.

Hi, are you trying to pass a custom property? What exactly does your setup look like on your component? What is the end goal with this parameter?

Yes, I am trying to pass a custom property.

Essentially I have a view that i want to re-use. I'd like to pass a parameter to the view through the horizontal nav.

Can you post screen shots of the configuration of your component? How are you navigating to the other views?

Any chance we can resurrect this question? I'd like to use the horizontal menu to call up the same page from multiple options, each with a different tagPath page parameter (e.g. "Robot 1" "Main/Robot/R1", "Robot 2" "Main/Robot/R2"...).