Perspective - Horizontal Menu - Removing page overlay on menu sub-items display

Hi, I’m having a hard time with the Horizontal menu component.

For some reasons, when I expand a menu sub-menus, the component overlay the entire page with light dark color except the navbar, to I guess give focus on the navbar.

My page and navbar backgrounds are white so it makes the entire page go darker except the navbar staying white, making it look really weird not to say ugly.

How do I remove this overlay without having to write some custom css that would not be visible in the designer?



Is the Horizontal Menu in a Docked View by any chance? The overlay you’re seeing is only displayed if the Horizontal Menu expands in a way which causes it to escape (grow larger in size) than its parent container. The resulting modal is expected and has to be there in order to display the expanded items.

If you have to remove the modal from view, you have two options:

  1. Re-position the horizontal menu so that any expanded options do not escape the bounds of the parent container.
  2. Modify your custom .css file to adjust the display properties of the modal to make it not visible, by either setting display to none or setting background-color to transparent