Perspective: How can I discard a change to a View?


I made a change to a View and closed it, but I don’t want to keep the change. I see the View in the Project Browser is italicised, indicating that the next time I save the project, my changes will be committed. What if I want to discard my changes?

Before you close if you right click the view there is an option to ‘close and revert’, I’m not sure if there is another route. I thought maybe an ‘Update Project’ would overwrite, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Putting this here in case someone else comes looking as I did. As mentioned, the “Close and Revert” works, but only before you close the view for the first time.

The problem is if you have other pending changes you want to keep. Here’s what I did:

  • File - > Save…
  • Check every item you want to keep / uncheck the View you want to revert
  • Save
  • Close the designer -> Exit
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Is there a similar option to close and revert template changes? I’m not seeing one, but maybe it’s located somewhere besides the right-click menu?

The problem with the checkbox for items to save/not save, is that this only appears for projects set up in a certain way.

I see what you’re saying - no right click “Close and Revert” for templates. Can’t this be addressed with the (annoying) steps I outlined above?
I’m picturing your scenario being that you are working on a template and want to revert (discard) changes, but you have other changes you want to save. This is where I would “selective save + close the designer”. Does this workaround not get you where you need to be?

I do not have selective save on my project – just the combined save+publish option. It’s a development project not used in active production, so 99% of the time we just want everything immediately pushed so we can develop faster. Thus, the steps you outlined are not available for me.

Can you be extra silly and make a copy of the resource at the file level, save in the designer, and replace the resource with the copy?

@nminchin @grietveld @jgardner Yes there are workarounds of course, but none are anywhere near as convenient as the “Close and Revert” that already exists for windows.