Perspective: How can I get the current size of the View in the client?


As title asks, I’d like to get the current size of the View in the client, but am a bit stumped…

See all the threads about zooming. Basically, browsers actively hide this information – pixel dimensions aren’t guaranteed to really be pixel dimensions, basically. Lot’s of legacy html crud mixed in. Not impossible, from what I understand, but its pretty fragile across different browsers.

Perspective is a paradigm shift – try to avoid using pixel coordinates and sizes.

Thanks Phil, I actually just wanted to use it for design to check where I needed my breakpoint set to for a breakpoint container. I’m still trying to work out how best to work with all of the containers and their settings. I hear you on the paradigm shift; it’s been a bit of a learning curve!

Not sure what browser you favor, but you might look into the developer tools of your browser.

Chrome for instance allows you to emulate the device that you want to use so you can accurately set up your break points. Very handy for web development.


That’s pretty cool, I didn’t know you could do that in Chrome :slight_smile: cheers!