Perspective: How can I tell what type a component is?

Just starting to use Perspective…

How can I tell what type a component is by clicking on it? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to tell me that, for example, the component I’ve clicked on is a Label, or an Embedded View.

Also, how do I know what the View container type is once I’ve created a view? How do I know if I selected Flex or Breakpoint, etc.? Or do I just need to get to know these different types of containers and their set of properties?

From first impressions, it seems like a fairly steep learning curve, especially as I haven’t done any HTML5 / web programming before. I’m still going through the IU though.

Hi @nminchin,

I’m not sure what version you’re on, but in 8.0.1 they added icons that match up with the specific component type. It doesn’t seem 100% implemented though as there are a few component types that are still using the generic icon.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than it was in 8.0.0 without the icons.

I do agree with you that the learning curve is quite steep, and I have prior web development knowledge.

I’m only running version 8.0.0 as I’m not keen to use a release candidate for a production environment, but keen to try it!

Unless you’re using the more familiar coordinate container, the other container types feel like you’re mostly adding containers within containers to get components to align where you want them to be, on the different resolution devices you want to display them on. Maybe it’s just a shift of Perspective (:wink:) that I need, but it all feels a bit strange coming from the fixed coordinate space.

Understandable, ours is just for dev purposes currently. I will say that 8.0.1 fixed a lot of bugs I was experiencing and I haven’t noticed any new ones.

I noticed that as well. I’ve been having to nest flex containers to get the functionality we want. It’s really crazy, but it’s starting to become second nature.

I just wish it was easier to move objects between containers maybe by being able to drag the object from the project browser tree view and drop it where we want it. Having to cut it from the container and clicking into the other container we want it in doesn’t always seem to work correctly… Thought that might just be user error on my part.

You shouldn’t be keen to use a .0 release for a production environment either :wink:

Have to concur… they’ve tended to be rough. But if you’re desperate for specific new features, you just have to embrace the suck. The new release policy should be a big help.

Yes, this is true. I certainly wouldn’t be using it for a large site, but this project is small with a few pumps and flow meters.