Perspective: How to create a grouped bar chart


We are working on a perspective based project. Wanted to know how to create a grouped bar chart like this:

We tried manipulating the X-Y chart component, but ended up with this result:


All the bars should be vertical, and Just one Y-axis should be displayed.

Did you find a solution to this problem?

I have send a mail to IA support and the response that I got was:
You can “group” the bars together in the bar chart by adding a blank series either side of the series that actually show data, and then setting the values to 0 and setting hiddenInLegend to true so they do not show up in the legend. You only have to set the values in one set of your data sources, as shown below:

Once you add these blank values to your list of series, you should get something that looks like this:

It’s not exactly like in the example you sent me, but it’s fairly close. If you want to remove the white space between the bars in each group, just change width under the appearance section for each series.

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