Perspective: How to move a component to be a child of another component?

Clicking and dragging components in the tree view doesn't seem to reorder them anymore or add them as children to other components. Is there something I'm missing?

I don't recall ever being able to drag components in the Project browser with the goal being to re-order them, or place them into other components (containers). I'm not saying that wasn't the behavior at some point because I've forgotten a lot about Perspective's old behaviors, but I wouldn't expect that to work in any of the more-recent versions. Do you remember what version this worked in previously?

I just recently started using Perspective for the added mobile support. I believe in Vision, you could use the tree view to reorder components and add them as children to other components. Not sure how to reliably accomplish this in perspective. Clicking and dragging in the graphical view sometimes works but it tends to behave somewhat sporadically.

The only places I would expect this to work in the Design panel are within Flex Containers and Column Containers (as dragging can be used to dictate the ordering of components in the container). In Coordinate Containers, dragging changes the coordinate positions of components, but never their z-index.

As for placing components into containers, the only way to do this is to select an individual component, right-click that component, and then select "Wrap in container". This wraps the individual component in a container, but you can't do this for groups of components. The best way to move multiple components from one container to another is to copy and paste them, but I think even this pastes the group all at the same location (assuming coordinate container).

Thanks, I'll give copy and paste a try. Would be great to be able to reorder/reparent components in the tree view by clicking and dragging.