Perspective - How to reduce dock height when small breakpoint activated?

I have 2 docked header Views, one for PC (wide) one for mobile (narrow). The PC has more screen real estate so the header is taller. The mobile header is about half the height of the PC one. I have a breakpoint container to switch the two out, but at the moment the dock height remains at the PC height and looks stupid in mobile while also reducing precious content space.

How can I have two separate heights for these Views?

I haven’t found a ‘graceful’ way so far (but I haven’t spent to much time on it to be honest).

The way I have chosen is to have two separate docks with their respective heights defined. I then use a startup script on my first loaded view to perform an openDock() based on the device type session prop. For slower clients I use a bit of animation to hide the transition a little bit. However, this doesn’t work for all scenarios :disappointed:

I think there is a feature request somewhere to gain more control over docked windows.

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I didn’t think about this / forgot about this :slight_smile:
I’ll give that a go, cheers!

I don’t really know what the best solution would be to handle this. Maybe if there were scripting events for when the current viewport dimensions changed? That would also require the viewport dimensions to be provided (I think there were already being/been added?). What would also be nice would be to be able to dynamically size a dock via script.

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With using new page dimensions check the status bar dock width if it is below certain point call system.perspective.opendock to open your mobile dock view and do this vice versa in mobile dock.
You don’t need even use break point container any more.
You just need to setup two dock for your top header.
By default make desktop dock visible.

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do you know what version these were added to?


Cool! (and you mean 8.1.7 - we don’t speak of 8.1.6 :wink: It’s the naughty child who drew all over your walls with texta, or permanent marker for those less ventured)

8.1.7 they omit 8.1.6

Yes, I was going to add that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, technically 8.1.6 but major regression bug = 8.1.7

Am I missing something? I upgraded to 8.1.7 but don’t see anything different :frowning:
Unless the defaultSize updates?

Ooooo, I found it! Pays to actually read the change log :slight_smile: Verry nice, I am excite!

Found an issue with using two navigation docks and showing/hiding based on dimensions… opening a dock is added to the history stack… so using the back navigation action will close the dock :slight_smile:

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