Perspective HTTP binding invalid type

I have a HTTP binding using ODATA. The response returns odata.metadata and a value array. I receive an error for a invalid key for the first object, the value which is what i want works in my table without any problems. I am wondering if the errors will cause me any problems down the road or will they be alright. Is there any way to filter my response after it is received while binding?


I have the same issue. All props looks fine, but they are marked as invalid keys. It works just fine though

You can chain a script transform to strip the key. It’s marked as invalid because of the period - addressing that property from a script would be hard/impossible, and it could also cause problems if you tried to manually edit or delete it. It’s not going to cause any problems just sitting there, unless you had a conflicting name - but especially if it’s sensitive I would recommend removing it. In a script transform, just use del value["odata.metadata"] or a similar script:

Thank you, I was not able to filter the response server side so this is just what i needed.