Perspective Icon Manager

With this resource, you can:

  • View all icon libraries
  • Create new icon libraries
  • Delete icon libraries
  • Add icons to a library (either by uploading SVGs or a zip of SVGs)
  • Delete icons from a library


  1. Create a new library for your icons.
  2. Upload icons in SVG format (or as a .zip containing multiple SVGs) to the gateway.
  3. Start the import process.
  4. Once the import is complete, the icon pack will be generated and the uploaded SVGs will be discarded.
  5. Use the library browser to see the icons you've imported.

Using the ZIP format is much faster for large icon sets.


Looks very cool, looking forward to checking it out!

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Hi, I am new to Ignition, I imported the project into my designer. How do I get to the screen where you have the option to import the SVGs after that.