Perspective IDP settings not easily portable because index based

Just bumped into this while trying to clone a long running project into a newly setup system. The Perspective project kept giving me an error on login screen that no IDP was configured. I went into Designer and checked Project Properties -> Perspective -> General -> Identity Provider and it was set to "None". I adjusted that back to the desired IDP and hit save and notice this git diff:

diff --git a/customer/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/general-properties/data.bin b/customer/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/general-properties/data.bin
index 6c9bdbf3..cb16f94d 100644
--- a/customer/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/general-properties/data.bin
+++ b/customer/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/general-properties/data.bin
@@ -3,10 +3,13 @@
   "updateMessage": "This project has been changed. Please save your work, this session will automatically update in {timeLeft} seconds.",
   "updateTimeout": 30,
   "locale": "Browser",
-  "idp": "8",
+  "idp": "2",
   "timezone": "Client Timezone",
   "desktopPageTimeoutSeconds": 60,
   "mobilePageTimeoutSeconds": 600,

I'm guessing this file is still on the "make it more git friendly" to-do list, but OUCH! This means I can only safely move projects between servers that had their IdP setup in the same order and assigned the same indices!

Before I go and starting hacking around in the SQLite config DB to reassign IDP indices, is there a recommended fix for this or way to avoid this issue?

And IMHO this config file should REALLY be storing IDP by name and not number... :frowning:

The identity provider setting under Perspective is deprecated (specifically because it's index based). You should be using Project > General > Security Settings > Identity Provider instead.

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I'd always wondered on the distinction between the IdP settting on the "project/general" tab and the one on the "perspective/general" tab. Is this documented clearly somewhere? I've not seen any comments that the perspective one should be deprecated.

EDIT: AAAAH! The Project Properties -> Perspective -> General -> Identity Provider setting is gone from the UI! I'm assuming that was automatic when I adjusted the other setting?


I don't remember offhand the logic, but yeah, that's the gist of it. You were continuing to use the old setting, so we kept it around, but once you 'opt-in' to the new setting, we prefer that one.