Perspective IFrame Component

How does the endpoint view the IFrame component?

For example, if the server sees the IFrame component request come from our Ignition server? Or from the user’s perspective session?

It’s just a browser iframe element; we’re not doing anything special to pipe it through the gateway.
You will only have access (from your browser/mobile device/workstation) if you would have access otherwise.

So if the endpoint we want the iframe to use only allows a certain IP address (Gateway IP Address), the perspective clients wouldn’t receive a response?

That’s correct. If you wouldn’t be able to see it in a normal webpage, you definitely won’t be able to see it via the iframe.

Got it. Thank you.

If I had a video feed coming into the same server as the Ignition server (or one on the same network), any suggestions on how I would go about accessing the feed through an Ignition HMI and the connection not coming from the user’s perspective session, the connection has to come from the server?

I would look into a reverse proxy (e.g nginx, Traefik). You run it on the same host and it transparently rewrites incoming requests to other services on different ports, or even entirely different machines.