Perspective - Image - Brightness/Contrast


Is there a way to be able to adjust brightness and contrast of an image in perspective ?

yes with the style filter.

I’ve never tried it but you could use an overlay and vary the transparency. Try a label the same size as the image and set the background fill to black or white and adjust the transparency to suit. Start with 50%.

Better again, use the theme styles and use, for example, --neutral-30 which will follow the theme settings. See for more. Create a slider or a dropdown in your application and bind it to session.props.theme. It adds coolness to your application with very little trouble - provided you don’t mess up by applying direct formatting to your components. Use the styles.

While thats possible, it’s a lot more work and less performant then adding in a filter style

you can use float where 1 = 100% or just use %


filter: brightness(0.4);
filter: contrast(200%);


Cool. I hadn’t explored that.
This is the way to go.

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