Perspective - Image - CamRaw

I’m on 8.1.12

Is there a way to open a camRaw file with perspective image object ?

Hmm, wouldn’t it be entirely up to your browser’s ability to render that kind of image?

I don’t know, but image in perspective support only gif, svg and jpg.

I search a way to be able to display a raw image for inspection purpose.

Ignition’s image management only supports a few filetypes, but you can put whatever media you want into an image component; you just either have to use a different means to host. You can use Webdev for that, or your own external webserver.

i dont think that will work… what does it show when you try to put it in the component? xd

you can also try iframe (inline frame). IFrames are sometimes smart enough to recognize files and use the appropriate html renderer (this most likely wont work in the designer but might work in the browser)