Perspective - Image / Icon - Hyperlink

I'm on 8.1.33

Is there a way to add a hypertext link to an image or icon? I want to add a hyperlink instead of using the click event to preserve the integrity of native hyperlink actions in the browser (right-click menu, ctrl+click, etc.).

No, there's no way to make the component act like a Link. You could wrap the Icon/Image in a Coordinate Container, and then place a Link with all of the attributes you want over the Icon/Image and supplying no text so that the Link is present and will perform navigation, but is invisible to the user.

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It was my initale solution but i was hope to get get a built-in fonction directly on icon/images

No. We provide avenues for navigation with better options for configuration; I highly suspect we would have no interest in providing an avenue for navigation with LESS options for configuration as a bolt-on to components where it's debatable anyone would use the functionality.