Perspective: increase height of dropdown menu items and scrollbar widths?

Operators trying to use our new Perspective touchscreen HMIs are struggling to use the dropdown components and anything with scrollbars as they’re simply far too small to touch. Is it possible to change this in the CSS theme or via another method?

This should be handled through the theme files.

Cheers, found and fixed the dropdown, looking for scrollbars.
What about making the drop down items area taller to show more items?

Edit: hmm, I can’t work out how to set the scrollbar width :thinking: any hints?

Did you ever figure out a way to make the scroll bar bigger on a dropdown? I’m running into the same problem. I develop using a mouse and keyboard and everything look/feels great. Then I load it on a touchscreen HMI computer and find all sorts of usability issues.

The problem with scrollbars is that it’s usually left to the OS/browser to handle their display, and the available options are less than adequate for today’s touch-centric workspace.

Here’s the docs in case you’re interested. I think that for us to provide any additional options we would have to implement our own scrollbar “wrapper”. I’m not sure we want to do that.

Has anyone implemented the wrapper class or other methods?