Perspective Indirect Tag Binding


i'm using the last Ignition 8.1.27 version and i cannot configure "Indirect Tag Binding" correctly.
In my view i created a parameter named "eventPath":


In a view component i add an indirect binding:

If i open againg the Binding window of the control property i find that the binded prop is changed with it's STATIC value.


Some users have found the input fields in this dialog to be "finicky". Make sure when you supply {view.params.eventPath} that you then hit Enter to commit the value before clicking OK or Apply.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
I'm one of "users" that found that bug so i've already try a lot of time..

I'm not able to replicate this.

If you've already verified you're committing the value after typing it then you'll want to reach out to Support so they can investigate. Please reference this thread during your conversation so they can see what's already been recommended and attempted.

I rebooted the entire server and now it seems that i can edit bindings correctly..

I can confirm that I have seen this behavior.