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Hello mates, im using currently ignition 7.9 in the next months we’ll be upgrading to 8.1 version. I have been asked to search for options in android system and then found/heard about ignition perspective. it seems to be amazing but its no cheap and before cosider to buy the license i would like to know if it support the aplications we need. Do you mind throwing me some info about this?

what i need is:

  • do proyects stay opened like a background app? for alarms or notification purpose
  • alarms with access to notifications or pop ups while its open in background so the maintenance staff dont need to check the the scada itself.
  • this one is important, do the android phone need to be connected to the coorporative network? i suppose it can work using some automatic vpn or something like that.

thanks in advance for the info, im having a hard time findind those exact perks.

There is always the free trails to test out if it works as you want it too.

  1. no idea, but even if it sometimes did, i wouldnt count on it running 100% of the time. As most of the sleep/running behavior depends on the device it self.

  2. i think ive seen someone ask about notifications and i believe it doesnt work, but im not sure. You could always make your own module that handles that, but that wouldnt be so simple, and also depends on the used devices...
    You can however send emails/(sms) for alarms, so that would trigger a notification on the device i guess

  3. you would need access to the gateway, so unless you run the gateway on an external/public ip, i guess you would need to be on the network/ vpn yes.

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thank you, i have installed it on the phone but i guess i need 8.1 to build the proyect for a basic trial, ill try then. thank you for your fast reply

Good luck

btw: i just eddited my answer above to add in email notifications^^

Projects stay open until a user closes the application, at which point the application eventually closes the user's session after a configurable timeout period. I believe this can be extended quite a bit, but I would need to verify.

Perspective does not have "push" notifications at this time. We are exploring that as an option in later versions, but notifications have always been a thorny issue. As it's been explained to me, notifications would require Inductive Automation to host a notification server, at which point IA would become legally responsible in the event of failed notifications. Due to this we have never provided for push notifications.

This is something you can configure as a Security Level of the Gateway and Project. If you require that devices not use the corporate network you can absolutely set that up. If instead you require devices must be on the network, you can set that up as well.

I really really thank you for your answer it is a bit more clear now, if i encounter new doubts ill post them here. it seems to be an awesome app and module but not exactly what i need right now. thanks again.

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