Perspective Input fields register as LastPass username fields on Android


We’ve discovered a case where input fields (Text Field and Numeric Entry Field for instance) are treated as Username fields on mobile, using Google Chrome on Android with the LastPass app integrated with Google Chrome.

Has anyone else seen this before? Are there any workarounds to this?


  • Paul

It’s a result of having Last Pass as a plug-in for the browser. If you don’t want Last Pass to manipulate the browser, you need to remove it as a plug-in. I don’t think it’s anything we can control; those elements need to be HTML <input> elements, and Last Pass looks for inputs of certain types and assumes you want to use it everywhere. Please don’t treat this as a definitive answer, but this is how I remember it as explained to me when we encountered it here. If you open an Incognito browser window, I believe you’ll no longer see the Last Pass interaction. It’s possible that using a different Chrome profile would also remove them as Last Pass is tied to a user profile.

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