Perspective intermittently freezing up

I've been getting reports from operators of an Ignition Perspective project freezing up and requiring reboots of the client PCs running Worktstation to resolve it. I'm wondering if this could be related to:

  1. calling queryStatus from a gateway timer script. Should this be done using invokeAsynchronous?
  2. some calls to readBlocking from a gateway tag change script.
  3. a strange issue that seems to arise when a filter is applied by default to an AlarmJournalTable. When the number of alarms in the database gets even somewhat large (several thousand), it will freeze the gateway on opening the page with the journal for about 30 seconds, although maybe this sometimes takes longer.

I've asked them to write down when this happens so I can try to correlate it with events in the log, but I don't have that information right now. If anyone has had experience with freezing issues, any thoughts on this would help. Thanks!

What version is in use here? We know of at least one issue with filtered Alarm Tables where a memory leak was leading to performance issues, but this would have been at the Gateway level - impacting all Sessions. This issue is present in 8.1.18-8.1.26, and is fixed in the upcoming 8.1.27 release.

It's 8.1.25.

When is 8.1.27 due to come out?

Next week (2023-04-25) if there are no delays.