Perspective is there a way to manipulate the scroll bar position?

I have a table component that I would like to have navigate to a certain vertical position when it is populated by a script. How could I go about setting this?

Nope, not at the moment. I’m sure I had created an idea for this already, but I can’t find it… To enable this, IA would need to expose a JavaScript function to use

We're still tracking the internal ticket I created off Nick's original post :slight_smile:

Has this been implemented at all?

Perspective provides insight into the scroll of the Primary View through page properties, but these properties are read-only. To manage scrolling, your best option is probably to provide domId attributes to specific components and navigate to them with a URL that includes their emitted id attribute.

For example, if you have a very "tall" View - say, 2000px in height - on your /demo page, and a component 1200px down the View (out of View on most monitors) which has a META.domId value of target, navigating to <gateway_address>:<port>/data/perspective/client/<project_name>/demo#target would result in the component being visible as the View will scroll to the specified id.

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What about for tables on a popup?

There are bugs with inserting and deleting rows from a table displayed as virtualised, whereby the table moves up and the rows previously visible are then not.. If you turn virtualised off it works fine, but this is sloooow for tables with lots of rows