Perspective Issue


I have a view called "Conveyor Overview" which contains different embedded view as shown in the screenshot of the designer view. In the designer view u can see that all the tank return the corresponding colors based on their product description, but when i open the project view through the webpage, it does not return any color. Is there any solution to this issue?? What might i be doing wrong?


U can see from the image that one in the designer is not as same as in the displayed view.

PS : You can see some tanks with color which runs through another binding , thats y it is not affected. If you need anymore information please let me know. Thank You. Regards

I don't think the image is working, unless it's just on my end. Can you also share some screenshots of how you have the bindings configured on the property you're trying to change?

This is the image that I uploaded first,

The binding provided to get the corresponding color of the tank is shown below:
The first screenshot shows the bindings related to a "tank_test". Then this tank view is used in a flex repeater to get multiple instances of the tank view. This view is called "Tank_grp" view
. The tank view is created using the udt config and u can see the params used on the right side of the second image. The color code is bound to the parameter called "TankColor" . Everything works fine inside the designer but doesn't do the same when I launch the project.

Your designer view and launched view have different background colours.
Can a theming be related to this problem?

I don't think so I tried all the themes available, none of it seems to make a change.