Perspective Jog Button On Touch Screen

Has anybody created a Jog Button on Touch screen, not using mouse, but touch screen.
When pressed the button, the tag value is true, when released the button, the tag value return to false right away.

You should be able to do this with button events onMouseDown and onMouseUp but there are probably several reasons why this would be a bad idea.

  • Multiple clients could be fighting over the tag.
  • The browser could crash leaving the tag on.

A much safer solution is to have the HMI set the tag on and have the PLC reset it when the task is finished.

I see Phil is typing so expect more ...

That would be a "Momentary" button. (Did you mean "jog" instead of "job"?)

It is very difficult to make reliable momentary buttons on any platform, though it is possible (not easy) with Vision. IA doesn't offer a built-in momentary button on Perspective because they probably haven't found a reliable way to do it, yet.

Consider other control schemes.

Thanks, it is jog.
I just use toggle object for now.
For momentary button, I used system time in Ignition to self reset it, set as 1 second.
I cannot use this momentary button for jogging, because jogging is not limit to one second, it is Go/Stop.
Toggling is not jogging, but it is close enough.
Thanks for reply.
This is an other reason I really like Vision over perspective.