Perspective Kiosk Mode on Ubuntu 22.04 Not Filling Screen

So I set up a test VM on my laptop to test Vision and Perspective with the new Ubuntu 22.04. We use Ubuntu on all of our Edge Panel projects, and it works well on Ubuntu 20.04, but I wanted to test it out on the newest version. So far, it seems Vision works perfectly, but on Perspective, when put in Kiosk mode, the window doesn’t actually go full screen and just fills the part not taken up by the dock and top header/bar of Ubuntu. This might not look so odd, but the actual dock and header disappear, so all you see is the background in those areas. While I can/could set the dock to auto-hide, the top bar area still is not filled.

Something else odd is that if I let the screen go to sleep, then wake it back up, the window comes back up filling the dock area on the left. If I close the app and re-launch it (even without it going to sleep), half the time it fills the entire screen like you’d expect in Kiosk mode, and the other half it does what’s showing in the screenshot, so it’s not consistent.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing after initially launching the Perspective Workstation project after a reboot:

Anyone have any tips to get this to go full screen 100% of the time in Ubuntu 22.04?