Perspective lack of "back/forward button" functionality

From what i understand the “back” and “forward” functionality did not get brought into
Perspective. It is very important to have. Am i missing something? Other posts from IA in the forum say it would have to be done manually by the integrator with allot of work and scripting on every view in the application. That sounds pretty horrible. They say that you should be able to use the browser forward and back and the mobile back for this purpose which i disagree with that being the sole option. What about full screen browser or Workstation or forward in mobile?
The Manual comments on this topic and says DONT just rely on the browser forward and back button etc. Have an alternative method. But the Perspective actions/buttons dont have forward and back nav capabilities from what i can tell.
Please let me know if i’m missing something.


You’re not missing anything. In “standard” use cases, the browser’s Back and Forward buttons will work to navigate between Pages (though not Views) as expected in a browser. If you plan to implement Workstation or something like a “kiosk” mode, then you need to provide users a way to navigate based on what works for your project. Kiosk implementations don’t typically lend themselves to browser behaviors anyway, so a more unique navigation UI is often expected. The Menu and Horizontal Menu components will be very important here, as will Embedding components such as the Accordion component. Using these pieces with smart project design should leave your user without a need to use anything like the Back or Forward buttons of the browser.

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The Perspective App is also missing a Back button. Being that the App is functionally quite different than Workstation Kiosk mode, is there any plan to provide one?

Starting in 8.1.5 we are allowing users to implement their own “Back” and “Forward” buttons as they see fit. In the current nightlies you should find that the Perspective package of scripting functions includes goForward() and goBack() functions, and the Navigation Action has a “Browser” option which allows for specifying forward or backward.

So you can place your own UI as suits your needs within the application, whether you’re using a browser (desktop or mobile), Workstation, or the Native Application. Since these functions and Actions are not a baked-in piece of UI as part of the application, you can put them on anything you want - including Icons - so that your project doesn’t have to rely on some UI you don’t have control over.

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See this post in the nightly update thread.

Great news! Thanks for the update @cmallonee

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Is there an example or a help file that I can take a look at for implementing Forward/Backward functions?

The functions were renamed just before release to navigateBack() and navigateForward().