Perspective Layout Inconsistent from Chrome to Firefox (and the fix)

I was having my screen layout vary from Chrome to Firefox. The screen I’m loading is using a flex layout to slide frames around based on screen size.

On Firefox the scrollbars were appearing as I expected. Chrome was squashing all the frames to fit on a single screen and giving a scroll bar to each frame. I might be using the wrong webdev terminology. I’m not a web developer.

Anyway, I did an update on my Chrome browser and the problem went away.

I wanted to say something in case it is helpful to others.

General idea is to try a browser update if things aren’t laying out as you expect.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for info. Any idea of what version of Chrome you were using before the update?


Sorry, I don’t know. It was probably pretty old because I didn’t realize it doesn’t update on its own. This computer is maybe 6 months old so it would be about that far back.


Good enough. I’ll do some digging into the change-logs and see if I can discover something that might have caused the issue you were seeing. If so, perhaps there is a way to mitigate this from happening to others.


Reviving a bit of an old thread since it seems like what I might be dealing with on my side again.

In Firefox, I’m getting a scroll bar for my docked menu, but in chrome it fits everything fine.

Chrome: Version 78.0.3904.108
Firefox Version: 71.0

Hmm I seem to have fixed it by turning off wrapping for my flex container. I didn’t actually need it enabled anymore, but that may help point to the difference between the two browsers, so I figured I’d add it.

Another thing that can sometimes help with this (situational) is to adjust the overflow styles on objects within your page.

Sometimes the overlays from tag issues can cause scrollbars to appear so I will often style some of my templates to have overflow on ignore. You can find these styles in the “Misc” section and can specify whether you want to universally ignore overflow or just ignore in specific cardinal directions.

I’m thinking you probably already know about these properties but I try to post details like this because it might be helpful to others.

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