Perspective LED Display default colors

Hello everyone!
Trying to change the color of a LED display (background, On Off colors) upon an event.
This is not a problem, but I am unable to see the default color code (for reverting):

The "color boxes" are undefined. Tried changing the colors and they are not #3A3A3A (bg) and #00FF00 (on) as stated in the manual:

Any ideas?

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Yes, those were cool in the 1970s. HMIs have moved on. Why use them when high definition vector fonts are available and so much more readable. There's a lot of effort going into High Performance HMIs these days.

Unless you're building a HMI for a certain DeLorean upgrade?

I hate 'em too (and using green = run, red = stop), but they customer is always right :upside_down_face:

Iā€™m trying to learn Ignition Perspective.
Thanks for the relevant input :roll_eyes:
(Actually doing the Delorean as a demo/learning project)

Green: #1EC963
Black: #161616

Useless for someone with red-green color-blindness. (I know you know.)

Thanks cmallonee!
You wouldn't happen to know the reason for this behaviour in the Designer?
I notice the same thing for other components (icons, progress bar, etc).
Same thing in the style popout menu.


If we were to supply the actual #161616 value in the property tree as part of the component schema, then the component will no longer honor the theming files and/or stylesheet.css as you are directly specifying a value which would override anything else.

Since the rules for applying colors/styling are based on a combination of inheritance and specificity, the value would be more specific than any other setting.


And there is my answer! :blush:
Found all the color codes in the variables.css and theme override files.
Thanks a million!